This is a blog about music we like so you won’t find much negativity here. We enjoy songs and bands from almost every musical genre but we’ve narrowed this offering down to folk and the hazily defined genre of “indie” rock. You will also find some synth/dream pop, or whatever else captures the mood of the moment. It’d basically stuff you’d see at the average summer “folk” festival.

Each chart contains mostly new stuff (as of the time of each posting) but occasionally there will be an older song thrown in that seems apropos for the moment.

You needn’t quibble  about what constitutes indie or what is classified as “real” folk because this is just stuff that has heavy rotation on our music devices and we would simply like other people to check out these artists. 

If you realise that you enjoy what we take pleasure in, please keep visiting, follow the blog or Spotify lists and, most importantly, buy the artists’ music and get out to see the shows!

If you have some (positive) comments or suggestions, just send ’em too:



Indy (& the crew)



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